Sound is essential in any event and a poor choice of sound equipment, either due to low quality or low power, can ruin the act. At Splendid Events we only work with top quality sound equipment in perfect condition, because aesthetics are also important. We have the capacity to provide sound for any type of event, whether it is an intimate wedding, a massive event, a party or a concert. Each space is different and you have to know how to take advantage of it, choosing the right equipment and placing it in the right place, to adapt it to the requirements of the event. Each space and each event require a personalized study

For this, we have small equipment for small format events and equipment to provide sound for large spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We work with top-level freelance sound technicians, who are very professional and experienced. In our sound montages we take maximum care of all the details and try to minimize the visual impact of the wiring, which is inevitably usually visible. We are aware of the importance of the image and aesthetics of a wedding or event and we want, just like our clients, that the photos and videos come out perfect.