Ferran Corredoira · Direction & Dj


I founded Splendid Events as a DJ more than fifteen years ago, during the 80s and 90s I worked in the best clubs in Barcelona and later I focused my activity in the events sector. Little by little weddings became my main source of work and after a few years focused on offering my services as a DJ for weddings I began to buy sound and lighting equipment, projectors and video screens and I formed a team of dj's to be able to realize several events in the same day, in this natural and gradual way I was arriving until today.

My current job is the management of the company, thanks to the effort of these years and the human team that I have been training we have managed to grow so that little by little I have been retiring from the booths to dedicate myself fully to the management and promotion of the company.

Every day I work to continue growing, to face new challenges and above all to continue making weddings and events where everything goes perfect and people enjoy.

Thanks to having an excellent team I keep moving forward and growing



Lara Castellà · Advice



The marketing and organization of weddings and events in Splendid Events has its own name and that is the one of Lara Castellà. As a professional in the weddings and events sector, it is endorsed by a long history of success that has made us enthusiastic about the collaboration established between both companies.

That of which the union makes the force has always been and is true and for that reason we think that maintaining each one our business indepence we could collaborate of intense and constant form to continue growing.





Albert Oleza · Production & Dj


Albert Oleza is a fundamental piece in the production and logistics of the events carried out by Splendid Events. As a DJ by profession for more than 25 years knows very well everything that has to do with sound equipment, iluminaicón, image and dj's and that is its main function in the company, manage the logistics and staff of each of our events.

Carrying out several events in the same day requires organization and meticulous control that he performs impeccably. The unforeseen arise, the weather plays tricks on us sometimes and everything happens to us and our mission is to solve everything agile and discreetly, in that Albert is an excellent professional.