Road Music is a proposal designed to give an original touch to your event. It is an original and exclusive DJ booth that will undoubtedly impact the public and multiply the impact of your event on social networks. Road Music is not an adapted or reformed caravan, it is a minicaravana that we have bought new and that we have viniled to our liking but thinking that you can customize it totally or partially.

Arrive and sound, as simple as locating it, open its roof, connect the current and sound through its main equipment or connect it to the sound equipment chosen for each space, we can perform small and large events thanks to the different sound equipment and illumination of those that Splendid Events has.


Road Music is vinyl with a type of vinyl that allows us to vinyl again and remove it at the end of the event without damaging the original. Do you want to customize it to your liking? You can, include a logo, change it color or be as creative as you want with it. Its main counter bar allows you to offer drinks, corporate products, commercial information or decorate it to your liking.


There are no limits to the imagination but we consider it an ideal element for: Street Markets · Weddings · Private Events · Corporate Events · Filming · Photo sessions · Advertising stand · Fairs and Congresses · Food Trucks events and where you claim us.


Included in the price of the service is the displacement, the sound equipment and the necessary personnel, we elaborate a budget to measure closed and without surprises. It is a vehicle that does not require special permits and that we have towed in our own car. Its dimensions allow it to enter in an infinity of spaces both inside and outside, we are talking about what it only measures:

172cm high closed · 200cm high open · 202cm wide · 418cm long and only 300kg in weight


Music is a fundamental element for the success of an event and that is what our dj's or yours do, without restrictions, if you know a dj and you want him to work in our caravan we will provide the ideal conditions for him to do it and feel comfortable and be part of the project at that time. If, on the other hand, you want us to include the dj, we can offer you different options for both dj's and musical sessions. Very well elaborated music sessions from the 60's, 80's, 90's, 00's, pop, rock, indie, house, techno, deep or lounge.

All our dj's are professionals with extensive experience in events, which allows us to work for a wide variety of public, national and international events with different age and style profiles.