Music & Dj's


Music is something vital, it is a fundamental part of most events. And music is precisely the essence of Splendid Events, since the company was created by a DJ. At Splendid Events we believe that the DJ is part of the success of a wedding, party or event and his performance can make it memorable. For this reason, at Splendid Events we are a team of professional DJs with extensive experience in all kinds of events. We organize music for weddings, parties, company events, markets, shops, hotels, etc.

We adapt to all kinds of audiences and our experience gives us flexibility and versatility to react directly to the requests of our clients and their guests. Led by Ferran Corredoira, director and DJ of Splendid Events, each DJ has his own profile and we take into account the musical affinity with the client to ensure the maximum success of the event. All of us are perfectly trained to resolve any unforeseen event or technical incident that may affect the sound, lighting or video of an event, since we are all professional technicians.

Obviously, we have top-quality sound equipment and audiovisual material (speakers, microphones, lighting, video/LED screens, projectors, etc.). We don't want to take risks. We want everything to be perfect because we understand that your event is unique and very important to you, but also to us.


Albert Martín or Chiqui as he likes to be called is responsible for the audiovisual technical production of Splendid Events events, he also works as one of the company's DJs and by extension is the ideal complement to commercial and Fernando's address.

For many years he led the audiovisual management of the Circuit de Catalunya in Montmeló and has also worked for various audiovisual companies in Barcelona. As a DJ, he is a versatile professional who has the ability to make the most diverse groups dance, also having a large musical repertoire to work with international groups.

Photography and video recording and editing are other technical qualities of his and everything and that we do not offer it as a service through Splendid Events is something to take into account for our own audiovisual productions.

Leaving an event in their hands is the guarantee that everything will be under control and it will turn out just as all our clients expect.


Iván Molina is a DJ with whom Splendid Events has been working for several years and who has the peculiarity that he has been creating his own company, Suit & Music, at the same time that we have been growing. This aspect not only did not distance him but has made him even more important in the structure of Splendid Events since in addition to being able to continue to count on his DJ services when his events allow it, it also allows us to count on his human team and technician, managed by him.

Each one of us has our company and we function independently, without partnerships, ties or commitments that go beyond continuing to grow each one separately but with the strength that the fact of doing it together gives us. The perseverance and mutual support that we offer both in technical teams and in human resources and personnel makes us form a solid alliance that works constantly and professionally to make your event a success.

As in the case of Lara, I still think that there is strength in unity.


The story of Dj Marian is like that of almost all dj's, those people who feel passionate about music when they are young and sneak into clubs and venues looking to learn and have an opportunity. One day the opportunity came, a friend asked him if he knew how to play a CD and that YES gave rise to a career that has now lasted more than 20 years.

Versatile, professional and passionate about what she does, she prepares all her sets in a methodical way, used to working for all types of audiences and in very diverse spaces, or you will find her in a hotel or in a store or at your next event.

One of his outstanding residences is Mr Porter, the restaurant at the Hotel Sir Victor where once a month he lets his most house and electronic songs play.


Dino is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, as a technician and creative. He is a specialist in new technologies, 3D animation, mapping, drones, creative lighting, and everything that comes his way. Passionate about electronics and information technology, he brings his know-how to our events.

But that's not all, if you propose an event as a DJ, he also enjoys it because music for all the people who in one way or another are part of Splendid Events is something fundamental. So as you can see in his presentation, you can find him in any job, designing lighting, creating a mapping, driving a drone, playing music or setting up any stage.

If there is something we like and appreciate, it is versatile professionals who are capable of solving any challenge that our clients put before us.


Passionate about music since she was a child, she spends a large part of her adolescence looking for and listening to vinyl in the music stores on Calle Tallers in Barcelona. One day by chance she discovers that one of her friends vacates her place as a DJ in the Platform Room and decides to try it, thus discovering that she not only moves the music but also makes the public dance and not leave anyone sitting. .

She begins to work in the room playing funk, soul and alternative music rhythms. She graduates as a superior sound technician combining his facets as a sound technician and a DJ, thus knowing all kinds of musical styles. His extensive musical background and experience makes people from one country or another go out on the floor to dance, from old to young.

Her technical profile is also an added value when it comes to solving any type of assembly and DJ set or performance.