The 4 Seasons of Majestic by Nandy Jubany



Zankyou has organized his Gastronomic Wedding Club at the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, ​​and he presented the proposal "The Four Seasons by Nando Jubany" which was undoubtedly a success. Splendid Events we were invited to participate in the event contributing to one of the groups that we usually recommend most assiduously for their music and staging, The Summer Lovers. After the development of lunch the Wedding Planners invited to the event took dessert and coffee in the lobby area reserved for it and there The Summer Lovers entertained for an hour the end of the event, quality music, aesthetics according to the act and space and about all doses of good atmosphere.

Of course thank the trust placed in us by Zankyou Bodas and especially Lucia De La Cruz, also thank Piña Colada for the photographic and video material they made and with which we made this article and of course the Hotel Majestic and all those attending the event .

We hope to be able to collaborate again on proposals like this, we love doing it and talking with great professionals of the sector about all those things that we are all worried about and we like to share.


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