La Garriga de Castelladral Wedding

Ferran by Splendid Events


Marry me in Spain always takes us to space places and La Garriga de Castelladral is. Grooms and guests arrived from Los Angeles to celebrate their wedding in the midst of absolute nature and tranquility. Carole we commissioned a montage of garlands for the assembly of the dinner and bring the sound, lighting and music until the wee hours with a great final party. Having Ivan de Suit & Music is a guarantee of success and between both companies we put ourselves to work so that everything was as and how it was designed.

We love destination weddings and the foreign public that gives us its musical and cultural wealth and that makes us experience new things. The ceremony in the forest, the appetizer in the main square, the dinner in the era and the disco right next door. Good sound, wireless lighting to decorate and good music. In a few months we return to another lighting installation that we will also publish.