The leisure and parties nowadays are part of many businesses, before you went to a hotel to sleep when you traveled to another place, now you go to dinner, to have a drink or to dance to hotels in your city, you enter a store or a restaurant and you find a DJ playing good music to make your stay more pleasant and prolonged. Summer arrives and there are major parties and cultural activities in every corner, beach bars that have nothing to do with those of 15 years ago, times change and fortunately offer us new business opportunities.


Our strong point in this section is everything related to music, DJs and music groups to which we provide sound systems, lighting or projections as well as chillouts and furniture for spaces.


A good musical program attracts public and loyalty, something that today is difficult because of the number of proposals that exist. By working as an agency of Dj's and Groups that allows us to offer varied proposals combined with each other, we can offer dj's that work sessions of lounge music, deephouse, hose, electronic, pop, rock, indie or ambient for example and as for groups in Direct also we have formations of jazz, pop, rock, versions, rumba, flamenco, flamenco chill, bossanova, etc.