Moon Station

Moon Station is a duet formed by the two artists Andreu Martínez and David Riberas Saxattack. Electric guitar, alto sax, two voices, effects, rhythm box, percussion, loops, and a very special concept when interpreting, creating a style that defines themselves as Chill Out Organic. The live recording of different layers of instruments and voices allows them to develop the issues quickly, adding the necessary elements to make them grow and to create a genuinely Chill atmosphere but different from what would be a DJ session, because here the layers Sound is played and recorded in real time and at every concert they are unique and appropriate at the moment.

The repertoire is based on current hits alternating with timeless classics of Pop, Rock and Neo Soul but treated in the Moon Station mode to achieve a relaxed and sophisticated tailor made atmosphere for any event that wants to give a touch of distinction and originality to your guests Andreu and David have worked with different artists such as: Duquende, Javier Gurruchaga and the Orquesta Mondragón, Manel Fuentes, Fundación Tony Manero, Chocadelia Internacional, Laura Simó, Monica Green, Michelle Mc Cain, Dope brothers, Stigmato inc., Disco Inferno, Skatala, Disciples of Otilia, Reactable Global Sound, Mr. Hurricane, CafeSoul, Lemozine and Little Hell Disco among others.

We invite you to take a look at these 2 videos where you will see exactly what we have told you.