Weddings are one of our passions and we dedicate to them hours, days, weeks and months until they take place. We offer all the necessary services to celebrate your wedding, spaces, caterings, ambience and decoration, details, posters, invitations, personal accessories, transportation and lodging, dj's, music, groups, artists, sound, projections, chillouts, photographers, videographers, photocall and a long etc. All well organized and coordinated so that everything goes to the taste of our customers and their guests.

We offer you three options:

  1. Wedding Planner for the integral organization of your wedding.
  2. Coordination of the suppliers contracted by you.
  3. Tailored, option depending on the moment of organization.

Whatever the chosen option, we will work with dedication and dedication so that everything goes as they wish. Years of experience in the sector endorse us, we know and usually work with the best suppliers in the sector and that gives us the confidence to know that they are in good hands. We know that the hiring of suppliers is a complicated task when they do not know each other and it is done for the first time, there are many and very good ones and that still makes choosing more difficult, it is about finding the one that best identifies with their personality and the type of wedding you want to organize and we will help you in that.

We take our work very seriously, a wedding is a very personal event, many emotions and feelings come into play and these must be pampered to the maximum. It is not just about hiring, organizing and coordinating providers but to attend to their needs, understanding that it is most likely their first wedding, that they are nervous, that they do not know most of the elements involved, that doubts, obstacles and problems arise in which they do not they thought, at that moment we are also there so that they feel supported and in a comfort zone that allows them to continue advancing towards their big day.

Normally our work, like many others, is usually valued in its proper measure once made, a priori we all find it easy to make and almost always expensive, but the organization or coordination of a wedding is a very laborious and delicate subject that requires many hours of work.