I'm Ferran and I created Splendid Events more than ten years ago under the name of Factor Music, such as Dj, during the 80's and 90's I worked at the best clubs in Barcelona and later focused on the activity in the event sector. Without realizing the weddings they became my greatest source of work and after these years I focused on offering my Dj services with everything that implied, sound, lighting, video projections, etc., three years ago I gave the final step to the organization of weddings and events. I currently run the company and Dj sessions are already for special occasions or for my personal leisure.

This step was gradual and natural, during my years as my DJ clients have always asked for advice to hire other providers and I have always provided them with contacts that over the years have been doing and that is how the change of Factor Music to Splendid Events and go from offering audiovisual and DJ services for events to organize them. This is not done only with a good team behind, a team of management and production well coordinated with the other suppliers, thus we offer a quality service with a single contact.

As I always say, if I was already doing it, why not organize it and dedicate myself to it?