Since 2008 we are the exclusive reference company of Mas Bonvilar and Hotel La Mola for their events and the most recommended for customers who rent Mas Bonvilar for their celebrations, whether weddings, corporate events or individuals. All these years of work give us a plus of knowledge of the space that makes us owners of an experience that will help without doubt to make your event a success. We have sound and illuminated every corner of the house, we have permanently installed lighting equipment and wiring throughout the room so that our assemblies are very clean in terms of annoying wiring, tripods, etc.

We also have a storage space for our equipment, this makes us able to respond to any incident immediately or be able to resolve what you did not think until the moment of the event, that lighting that you now think you need, that micro other that now they ask for it, a projection that was not foreseen, etc, all that we can solve it quickly. Take advantage of our equipment and experience in the space to get the most out of your event.